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The “Lenten sermon bestsellers” project, led by Pietro Delcorno, aims to map and provide several tools to navigate the most popular Lenten sermon collections circulating in late medieval Europe. Lenten preaching played a vital role in processes of mass-communication and identity formation. The web-application is meant to facilitate the identification and analysis of the textual ‘infrastructure’ that supported this widespread socio-religious practice.

In its first phase, the project will map the Lenten sermon collections printed before the Reformation (1470-1520), considering these normative texts as pocket-sized encyclopaedias that reflected and produced the shared (religious) grammar of the time.

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A three-minute introduction to Lenten preaching in this video.

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Summary and news

The web application currently hosts information about 340 sermons by 19 collections.

Full list of the 73 Lenten sermons published in the Quadragesimale de penitetina of Roberto Caracciolo is available
Added information about the 2 editions the Sertum fidei, printed with the attribution to Leonardus italicus, yet to be attributed to Antonio Macco da Faenza)
The description of the 50 Lenten and Eastern sermons of the _Quadragesimale_ published under the name of Johannes Gritsch and of the 28 editions and 9 manuscripts that contain this collection is available
The list of the 87 Lenten and Eastern sermons published in the Sermones quadragesimales of Cherubino da Spoleto is available
Added information about the 14 editions the Sermones quadragesimales Anima fidelis (printed adespota but generally attributed to the Dominican Antonio da Bologna)

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